As of June 1st, Delaware County had sent out approximately 80,000 absentee or mail-in ballots. The County made additional arrangements with the United States Postal Service to send 6,000 additional ballots on June 1st.

On Monday, June 1st, 2020, Governor Tom Wolf signed an executive order extending the deadline for county election offices in Delaware County, and five other Pennsylvania counties, to receive absentee or mail-in ballots by mail to 5:00 PM on June 9th, 2020. The ballot must be postmarked no later than Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020. The deadline to hand deliver absentee or mail-in ballots remains 8:00 PM, June 2nd, 2020.

Return your completed ballot in the sealed return envelope to ANY polling location on Election Day where there will be drop boxes while the polling locations are open. These drop boxes will be positioned just inside the polling location, where they are under observation by the poll workers. However, voters seeking to drop their mail in ballots will not be required to check in with the workers. Residents are asked to observe social distancing when dropping off a ballot to a polling location.

Anyone who requested an absentee or mail-in ballot and did not receive it in time or who does not want to return it in one of the ways noted above, can go to their polling location and ask for a provisional ballot. The ballot will be put in an envelope and then counted when the County Election Bureau confirms that the requested mail-in ballot was not returned. Since all ballots are being counted centrally, provisional ballots will likely be included in the initial results.

Residents looking to vote in person may vote in their designated polling place in Bethel Township:

Precinct 1: Booth's Corner (1362 Naamans Creek Road)

Precinct 2: Bethel Township Hose Company No. 1 (3737 Foulk Road)

Precinct 3: Bethel Springs Elementary School (3280 Foulk Road)

Precinct 4: Bethel Springs Elementary School (3280 Foulk Road)

Precinct 5: Bethel Springs Elementary School (Please note voters will not be voting in their typical location of Belmont Community Center, residents in the Fifth Precinct should vote at Bethel Springs Elementary School)

Precinct 6: John Myers Building (1092 Bethel Road)

Polls are open from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM

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