Bethel Township Becomes Official Bird Town

Bethel Township Becomes Official 49th Bird Town

Bethel Township, Delaware County; February 21, 2024 —

At a recent township council meeting, the Board of Supervisors adopted the Bird Town Pennsylvania resolution.  Bethel Township joins 48 other municipalities in Pennsylvania in becoming a Bird Town; a statewide program which recognizes townships for their commitment to stewardship.  

The Bethel Township Bird Town Committee will work with Bird Town Pennsylvania and Valley Forge Audubon Society to highlight the township’s incredible ecological resources and to provide outreach and education to property owners.  Residents will be encouraged to get to know the birds of their backyard and attend community events and workshops where Bird Town information will be available.  

“Birds are natural indicators of ecological health,” says Heidi Shiver who manages the Bird Town Pennsylvania program.  “Small steps in a backyard can increase the diversity of birds and at the same time create a healthier living environment for people and pets.  With our incredible partners in Bethel Township, residents will surely hear more about their role in the lives of birds. I’m confident that they will be amazed to find out what birds come through this area during migration.”


More information on Bird Town or creating a backyard habitat can be found at

For more information about Bethel Township’s Bird Town program, contact Elana Rothenberg, Bethel Township Code Administrator, at or (610) 459-1529 ext 2.  

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