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As per Ordinance No. 240, peddling within Bethel Township shall be prohibited unless the transient merchant has first applied for and obtained a soliciting permit from Bethel Township.

Peddling:  Engaging in any form of sale, solicitation or order taking for any good or service or the solicitation of any payment or donation of money or property or any commitment for the payment or donation of money or property from any resident of Bethel Township at the home or property of such resident of Bethel Township.

All transient merchants shall, prior to the commencement of any peddling activity, submit an application to Bethel Township, on a form provided by Bethel Township for a peddling permit and in connection with said application provide the following information:

  • Full name, address and telephone number of the person to be engaged in the peddling activity.
  • The name of any company, organization or similar entity for which or on whose behalf the peddling activity will be conducted.
  • The nature or description of the good or service to be offered, or the recipient of the donation of money or property sought.
  • The make, model and year of each vehicle used or intended to be used in connection with the peddling activity. A copy of the registration for all such vehicles shall be provided at the time of application.
  • Whether the applicant or any persons proposed to be engaged in the peddling activity have ever been convicted of a crime other than a violation of the Motor Vehicle Code, and if so, the date and nature of the offense.
  • Names of other municipalities in Delaware County in which the applicant and/or the persons to be engaged in the peddling activity have worked as peddlers in the past two years.
  • The respective dates and times and areas of Bethel Township in which the applicant intends to conduct the peddling activity.

Solicitation Permit

Please call (610) 459-1529 x2 for fee and questions

Residents may register for the Do Not Knock Registry here: Do Not Knock Registration

Active Soliciting Permits:

  • Mister Softee (Exp. March 10, 2025)
    • Loretta Morris

  • Bluestone Landscape Design (Exp. March 10, 2025)
    • Hunter Thornton

  • Aptive Environmental LLC (Exp. April 17, 2025)
    • Jordan Winder
    • Wyatt Meng
    • Timothy Langford
    • Brady Abbott
    • Dylan Rydalch

  • Ecoshield Pest Solutions (REVOKED) 
    • Sanjay Rao
    • Zion Gray
    • Hardik Gupta
    • Caleb Shermoe
    • Austin Conley
    • Chey Whitner
    • Damian Mpoza