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Auditors Office
Why don't the elected auditors perform the township's annual audit?

As permitted by law, the Board of Supervisors may contract with a certified or competent accountant or firm to conduct the audit, according to generally accepted principles of accounting. To the contrary, the elected Board of Auditors conducts their audit according to general principles of law.

Does the Board of Auditors have any additional powers?

The Board of Auditors may function as a quasi-judicial body to hear cases involving financial loss to the township as caused by any elected or appointed official, who have acted in a violation of law or beyond the scope of their office. The board may also audit any special accounts or perform any other duties incumbent with the requirements of office.

Building and Code Office
How do I view codes and/or ordinances?

Codes, resolutions and ordinances are available at the Township Office or are available online. Bethel Township Codes and Ordinances

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Highway Department
Who do I call to report fallen trees, pot holes, or missing / damaged street signs?

To report a fallen tree, pot hole, or damaged street sign, please contact Brett Small at (610) 459-1529 x1.

Do I have to remove my parked vehicles from the street during a snowstorm?

When possible, during snowstorms it is recommended that all vehicles are parked in your driveway or off street to facilitate snow removal and allow snowplows to plow the full width of the road.

Park & Recreation
Do I need to register for township events, and what do I need to do to attend?

No registration is required. All residents are invited to attend events. Events are published on this website and information is available at the Bethel Township Offices and the Park and Recreation Board. Upcoming Events

What types of events are held throughout the year?

There are a variety of events for all ages, including an egg hunt for children in the spring, the Annual Corn Boil in August, and lunch with Santa in December. Upcoming Events

Do I need a permit to use parks for a family picnic or small gathering?

No. Parks are available for recreational use by all township residents. Organized sports activities at Bethel Community park do require a permit. Permits are available from the Park and Recreation Board and the Bethel Township offices.

Planning Commission
How do I determine the current zoning for a parcel of land?

View the current zoning map for the township. Bethel Township Zoning Map

When I get a notice or learn that an adjoining property or one near me is being developed, how do I find out what is planned to be built?

Attend the next monthly public Planning Commission Meeting held on the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00 pm in the Bethel Township Building, review the upcoming agenda, or review the application at the township office.

Police Department
What should I do if I see something or someone suspicious, but it’s not an emergency?

If you see anything out of the ordinary, please call 9-1-1 or submit a report online. Our citizens know their community and neighborhoods better than anyone, and if something isn’t just right, they are the first to recognize it. Even the smallest piece of information police are able obtain from investigating a suspicious person or condition could solve a crime later.

I was issued a traffic citation or non-traffic citation by a Bethel Township police officer. What should I do?

The reverse side of the defendant copy of the citation lists your rights and obligations. If you were issued a citation, you have the right to a hearing before the District Justice. Complete the mail-in portion of the form and send it to:
District Court 32-2-49
485 Baltimore Pike
Second Floor
Glen Mills, PA 19342

Sewer Authority
How are sewer rentals billed?

Notices are mailed to property owners quarterly (January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1). Payment is due within 30 days. A penalty of $11.50 plus 10% interest is imposed for payments received after the due date. Under current law, there are no provisions for waiver of late fees and finance charges. Resolution 2013-01: Payments that are processed via the lockbox service on behalf of the Authority or received by the Authority directly, up to three days after expiration of the thirty (30) day payment deadline, will be deemed to be a payment within such period.

How may I pay my bill?

You may pay your bill in person at the office during normal business hours or by mail. The ability to make payments online is currently being developed, but is not available at this time.

Who do I contact if I observe an emergency for the public sanitary system that occurs after normal business hours?

For emergencies like a sewer line collapse or main break, contact Aqua Wastewater at (610) 637-7077, (610) 459-5942, (610) 690-2299, or (610) 496-3923. Additionally, you may leave a message on the Sewer Authority’s answering service by calling (610) 358-5893.

Tax Collector
Who is responsible for paying property taxes?

The owner(s) of the property is/are responsible for paying the taxes. Failure to receive a bill does not alleviate you from the responsibility. Contact the Tax Collector at (610) 888-0809 for a copy of the invoice. If your funds are held in escrow, be certain to check with your servicer and your loan documents to determine responsibility to avoid duplicate or missed payments.

How can I pay my tax bill?
  • In person - Consult calendar for scheduled times for payment at the township office or at the financial institution listed on the bill
  • By mail - Follow instructions on the face of bill
  • By special appointment - Request appointment by contacting the Tax Collector at (610) 888-0809
  • By drop box - Place the check, tax bill, and a self-addressed envelope with a stamp (for receipt of payment) in the mail slot to the right of the Township building doors
How do I obtain a receipt for paid taxes?

If paying in person, bring both copies of the bill and you will receive a date stamped copy; by mail, send both copies of bill with your check and a self-addressed envelope and a date stamped copy will be mailed to you; by email, send a request to the tax collector (be certain to include your name, address, folio, and/or parcel number) and you will receive an imaged receipt.

What do I do if my name and/or address is incorrect on my invoice?

For these types of issues, you must use the attached form and return it to:

Delaware County Board of Assessment
Government Center
201 W. Front St.
Media, PA 19063

Request for Mailing Address Change

What is an interim tax bill?

An interim tax bill is issued when there is a change in the assessed value of the property. Examples might include tax appeal, new or resale of homes, or additional construction to property. These are to be paid by the due date reflected on the bill.

What is a discount and penalty period?

A 2 % reduction from the face amount is offered for taxes paid during the 60- day period prior to the due date. A 10% penalty on the face amount is incurred during the 60-day period following the due date. Unpaid taxes at the end of the year may result in additional penalties, potential liens and further legal proceedings.

Can I post date a check or request special deposit dates for my bill?

No. Payments are deposited promptly upon receipt. If a payment is returned for insufficient funds, a $10 service fee in addition to bank fees may be imposed.

Zoning Office
How do I get an application for a zoning variance or special exception?

Contact Zoning Officer Stephen J. Wasylyszyn, PLS, at (610) 565-6363, and he will provide you with the appropriate application.

When does the Zoning Hearing Board meet?

The Zoning Hearing Board meets on an as-needed basis. Meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of the month when cases are scheduled.

How do I know if a nearby property is applying for a zoning variance or special use?

All property owners within 500 feet of the property submitting a zoning variance will be notified. The notice of zoning application is also advertised twice in the local newspaper and at least one week prior to the Zoning Board Hearing.

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