Permit Application Requirements

Issuance of Permits

All permits are issued through the Code Enforcement Office. If you have any questions regarding permits, please contact the Code Office at 610-459-1529.

Work Requiring a Permit

All permits require a final inspection. Any permit not available on this website can be picked up at the Code Enforcement Office, located at 1092 Bethel Road, during normal business hours. 

The following are examples of the type of work that may require various permits:

  • Additions to single-family dwellings* - Call 610-459-1529 for information
  • Decks* - Require a Building Permit and a Zoning Permit
  • Fences - Require a Zoning Permit (fences under 4 feet do not require a permit)
  • Patios - Require a Zoning Permit
  • Pools* - Require a Building Permit, a Zoning Permit, an Electrical Permit, and a Land Disturbance Permit (if changing the grade of the land)
  • Sheds - Require a Zoning Permit

*For further information, please review the Building Permit Requirements found on the link below.

Permit Requirements.pdf

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